6. People

Everyone could do something. Think high and do small. Now is our turn


The Rumundu board and management team all have distinguished track records and come with specialist skills and expertise in social enterprise, sustainable development, and change management. Together we oversee the interdependent consultancy, education and social network offer.




Stefano Cucca
Founder & Managing Director

Maria Chiara Sotgiu

Fiorenzo Piu
Operations Manager

Ramona Bavassano
Advisor & Active Ambassador

Roberto Sanna
Advisor, Emerging Technology

Alice Secchi
Social Media Manager



Gordon D'Silvia
Advisory Council Member

Enrico Canu
Advisory Council Member

Dario Carrera
Advisory Council Member

Stefania Fenu
Advisory Council Member

Francesca Medda
Advisory Council Member

Vittorio Pelligra
Advisory Council Member
Rumundu story

Rumundu was formed by Stefano Cucca in 2013. He graduated from the University of Sassari with an Economics and Business degree; studied at the Business School of San Francisco and then spent most of his professional life growing companies. In 2012 his world changed. He took to his bike and cycled around the world. His mission was two fold: to explore how local people through local initiatives are driving social, economic and environmental change through social innovation and entrepreneurial endeavor in other parts of the world. His second mission was to bring back the best ideas of sustainable lifestyles and valuable connections with other people to help reverse the social and economic decline of his beloved island, Sardinia. After thirty-two thousand kilometers in three hundred and sixty-five cycling days across Europe, America, Asia, Oceania and Africa he returned, wrote a book (about to be published), launched a social network of like-minded people and started the first Social Innovation Summer School in Italy. Inspired by his ninety year old Grandmother’s question - "why are you are always in giru pà ru mundu?" (which translates to "why are you are always travelling around the world?"), he called his new venture, Rumundu.