5. Social Innovation School

Education first and great experience too in beautiful paradise called Sardinia. School of life!


To develop projects with a strong social impact and to stimulate the Island to look beyond the current development model. This is the goal of the Social Innovation School, a School for Social Innovators promoted by Rumundu and held for two consecutive years in Alghero (Sassari), at the Porto Conte Ricerche Scientific and Technological Park.

The School, sponsored by Fondazione di Sardegnaa and the Fondazione con il Sud, aims to analyze the problems that accompany the "development" of the Region of Sardinia and thus facilitate the creation of businesses and personalities that can actively contribute to improving its reality. The approach adopted is to give young people new skills and useful tools to facilitate the creation of innovative projects with a strong social impact.

The Camp lasts for a week and is a place of contamination and experimentation: the participants live a full-immersion that is challenging but highly engaging in team-building, pursuing their ideas and concretely building their business idea with a high social impact. To do this they take advantage of the experience of trained teachers and international mentors, embarking on unconventional "paths" that stimulate the creativity and skills of everyone.