3. Events

Make is better than talk and togheter we could do more. Here we are!


3.4 Social Innovation Day 2017

Social Innovation Day is an annual event taking place in Alghero (Italy) where we start to talk about a new kind of sustainable business model for a community. Our purpose is to energise local entrepreneurship to respond to the local social and economic challenges the Island faces and to act as a catalyst that connects institutional policy makers and business investors to bridge the gap between purpose with profit. Our Island faces insurmountable problems. But we also have an enormous reservoir of latent entrepreneurial talent. With people from the European Commission, proponents from Social Funds, local fondations, European Bank of Investiments and other stakholders we want to supporting people and in particular young generation to think different. Think sustainable.


3.3 Social Innovation School 2017

On the 2nd edition of the Social Innovation School 30 students focuses on specific project ideas that combine purposeful intent within a profit-driven ambitions. It will also be an opportunity to connect our young local entrepreneurs with international experts. Numbers of SIS 2017: 1 Camp, 7 days, 30 Partecipants, 8 team, 18 teachers



3.2 Social Innovation School 2016

A training week rich in humanity, skills, inspirational nature for good business and social innovation ideas. The Social innovation School is the driving force that will help you to develop a business idea with a positive impact. Numbers of SIS 2016: 1 Camp, 7 days, 18 Partecipants, 4 team, 20 teachers.


3.1 Impact Finance and Depopulation Agenda

“The depopulation of communities can no longer be dismissed as a national issue for regional governments alone to worry about. Its impact cuts across borders and creates dire consequences in cities that are already over crowded through exponential population growth, migration, structural unemployment, housing shortage and social unrest. The problems faced by our cities and regions are therefore wholly interdependent. A new connected and business-led vision is needed that combines strategy with action, social purpose with shareholder value and public benefit with private interest” – Gordon D’Silva OBE.