Rumundu Academy

The world needs innovators: girls and boys, future women and men who can create valuable projects for the community, with an eye to sustainability. The Rumundu Academy is the place where it all happens.

The trip around the world on a bicycle

Rumundu was born in 2012, when Stefano Cucca presented his project for a web platform to share alternative development models at the San Francisco Business School. The first idea soon evolved into a trip around the world on a bicycle.

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We believe people and culture are the spark that sets change in motion, because culture is the only way to provide individuals with the tools they need to listen to the world.


We organize training courses for schools, universities and businesses. In 2016, we launched the Social Innovation School in order to train responsible social entrepreneurs.


We promote the project MediterranEU Young people changing Europe, which, together with Rondine city of peace, aims at shaping a new generation of young Europeans.


We believe in people interacting with each other to share ideas and build connections.


We host round tables and workshops, and we organize events to connect businesses, mentors and investors.


We aim to create high-value partnerships to support young entrepreneurs and companies, even at the start-up stage.

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