MediterranEU - Rumundu
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MediterranEU- Young people changing Europe


MediterranEU aims at shaping a new generation of young Europeans able to understand and enhance the value of their community. It combines innovation, art and culture, environment, urbanism and social life.
The project is structured in two areas: the first involves 30 young Sardinians, between the ages of 16 and 19, who will engage for three months in the design of entrepreneurial activities with a high degree of sustainability, starting from the analysis of the needs of the community. The best projects will qualify for a week-long Summer School with teachers from all over Europe and the top three in the acceleration course will be granted an experience abroad.


MediterranEU also offers a week-long course for twelve young people from the World House in Rondine, Tuscany, coming from several countries in conflict. A full immersion in experiential workshops and lessons to create innovative development projects aimed at finding ways to reduce armed conflicts in the world.


The project, promoted by Rumundu, is made possible by the contribution of the Third Pillar Foundation – International, the City of Alghero and Rondine Citadel of Peace.

Stay in Touch. Please contact us for any information