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About Us

Who we are


Rumundu (Ru mundu, the world in the dialect of Sorso, Sardinia) was born in 2012, when Stefano Cucca presented his project for a web platform to share alternative development models at the San Francisco Business School.
His first idea soon evolved into a trip around the world on a bicycle.


This long journey had Sardinia as starting point and finishing line.
In between, 34000 kilometers of roads and paths that Stefano pedaled through in order to get in touch with stories and sustainable ways of life.
An uncharted, solitary and slow trip, with the aim of understanding whether a different world, without mass consumption as the base of economy, is indeed possible.


Three hundred and sixty-five days of travel between Europe, America, Asia, Oceania and Africa and three hundred stops to record the ways that social innovation and conscious entrepreneurship can transform society.


Stefano has spent most of his private and professional life on the move.
He graduated in Economics and Business from the University of Sassari and completed his education at the San Francisco Business School.


Today Rumundu is a network based in Sardinia and Sud Africa, a Social Innovation School and an Academy. It is the first Permanent school in the Mediterranean, and its goal is developing and supporting projects that are sustainable on the economic and environmental level, and have a positive impact on Sardinia and the world.

Founder & Managing Director

Social Media Manager

Educational Manager

Advisory Council Member

Advisory Council Member

Advisory Council Member